"Out and About" were founded in 1984 and we support disabled children and young people aged 5-19, enabling them to access leisure activities in West Norfolk and Suffolk. Volunteers provide the majority of direct support work to the children and young people that they support. Out and About is a charity which seeks to promote inclusion in leisure activities in the East of England.

We achieve this by supporting leisure providers in meeting the needs of disabled children and young people (through training and advice), as well as providing volunteers who support people with disabilities in their chosen activity. Raising funds, helps us to provide a free service to the children and young people that they support, as they do not belive that disabled children and young people should be charged to take part in 'ordinary life experiences'.
Past activities have included archery, cinemas, football, golf, guides and scouts, cookery, horse riding, karate, sailing, shopping, bowling, dancing, swimming, table tennis, games, trampolining, and youth clubs.

The program of the charity includes a variety of activities that support children with disabilities. All activities are consistent with overall health. Attention is drawn to the inclinations and interests, consistent with the physical abilities of the child. Avoid overloading. Classes are individual and group. Children have the opportunity to meet new friends. Environment that provides the charity is protected and tolerant. Work atmosphere is relaxed.

The team supports children, helping them to overcome isolation, uniform life, the fear of not receiving and difficulties in communication. The aim of the team is to enhance the capabilities and confidence of children for a more fulfilling lifestyle. The groups are open, promoting the building of trust and mutual assistance. The charity provides a survey of children with various difficulties, if necessary by turning to outside specialists. Consult and families. The aim is to achieve full cooperation with the team of the charity.

This is important to achieve higher results. The aim is to create a climate of mutual trust and partnership. We attach great importance to the child feels safe to achieve desired objectives.

Our objectives are to:

  • enable disabled children and young people to participate in, and be included in, leisure activities of their choosing ;
  • to enable disabled children and young people to access their right to full and active inclusion in life .